Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Elections in CAR

My post (er, rant) about elections and democracy in CAR is available here. Thanks to the folks at the Monkey Cage for indulging my rambling.


  1. Hi Louisa
    I've been reading your blog for a while and look forward to new postings. I read your your post over at the Monkey Cage and thought of this book I am reading right now: "Promoting Polyarchy" by
    William I. Robinson. The book is a critique of the democratization ethos amongst other things.


  2. Thanks for the tip, Brendan! I'll check out the book...

  3. Hi Louisa,

    I enjoy reading your blog. I lived in N'délé (pas loin) twenty years ago. A carpenter I used to drink tea with was a huge Bokassa fan. I normally ignored his platitudes toward the emperor, but he did tell me that it was because of Bokassa that people built houses near the roads. He threatened to burn down any village that wasn't accessible by main road. It apparently worked.

    On a different tangent, Bokassa had intended to create an international airport outside of N'délé. I was startled by running across a few sections of broken paved roads as we drove toward the parks. At the time, the pavement was all but swallowed up by the terrain, so I wouldn't imagine you running across it. But one more example of a failed (can one use that term when it implies having succeeded?) state.

    Look forward to reading more of your writings.

    Mo gwé njoni-o


  4. Hi Brian,

    Apologies for the slow response (I need to figure out how to get alerts when comments are posted...). Your stories are fascinating -- I'd love to hear more! If you get a chance, feel free to write -- louisa.lombard at gmail. I'm back in the US and eager for CAR Talk (of the non-automotive variety...)